The Top Trends In Custom Web Design

custom web design
One of the most important parts of building a custom website is knowing what trends are in and which are out. The people visiting your website have seen hundreds of sites before yours and while they may not have any professional design knowledge, they’ll know the difference between a modern website and an outdated one. If the consumer knows the difference, it’s high time for you to know it as well. Let’s take a look at the custom web design trends that are going to separate the tops from the bottoms.

Bold and bright colors

While monotone palettes dominated the design world for years, 2019 is ushering in a new era of color. Users are now looking for vibrant colors that create an interesting visual contrast. You can see this trend reflected in the fashion industry’s direction towards bright neons and metallics.

Luckily for website design, you don’t have to splash your pages with neon colors to get in on this trend. Try out warmer tones such as golden yellow, earthy green, royal purple, and oceanic blue. These can help evoke emotion while giving you an opportunity to showcase your company’s brand in your website’s color choices.

Natural and organic shapes

Advancements in custom web design technology are allowing designers to go beyond the standard grid to express the identity of a brand. The grid has long been representative of sophisticated and professional websites, but it’s also come to be a bit boring.

Many custom web designers are now turning to circles, triangles, and rotated squares instead. These shapes are effective in both capturing a user’s attention while communicating messages about the brand. Circles, for instance, can communicate values of collaboration while curved lines can represent flexibility and agility.

Innovative ways to display web copy

A major challenge with web design is incorporating the necessary web copy in a way that is visually interesting. Designers have long utilized white space, line spacing, and contrasting fonts to fight against giving web copy in blocks of text, but they’re now looking for different strategies to maintain user interest.

One strategy is to add visuals that can offset using fewer words. If a designer can find a high-quality picture or animation that communicates what the page needs to, they won’t need paragraphs of text. To aid with legibility, designers have also been using different fonts, styles, and formatting to break up text and make it easier for users to digest.

Out of all of these trends, the most important thing a custom website designer can do is make a site agile. With holiday sales making up almost 30% of a company’s annual sales, any given business needs a website that can easily change with the season. As trends change as often as the seasons do, the site should also be flexible enough to accommodate trends as they come and go. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to create the perfect website with the help of a custom website development company.