Top Three Ways to Make Yourself More Relevant Online

1. Reinforce your vision – Your mission statement might not be new to you and you are probably tired of hearing it, but that doesn’t mean that your customers are. Your mission is what keeps people excited about your brand.

  • Keep your mission statement in more than one place on your site. After all, it’s what your entire strategy is built upon.
  • Let others have a chance to explain the value of your mission by giving client testimonies on your site and across social media.

2. Finish what you start – Beginning a project is exciting. You want to do so much, you have so many great ideas. Everyone is ramped up. Unfortunately, a few weeks later the project seems to lose momentum. It’s hard to stay focused for very long, especially when you have seemingly endless tasks in front of you. You want to start a blog, get on social media, add your products to your site, the list never ends. It’s important to prioritize, delegate, and focus on finishing a task before starting another.This can make the difference between a mediocre and amazing website.It is also important to stick with it. Does your website have any out of date sections or functions?

  • Review all contact information and verify this is correct.
  • Try using your contact form to test functionality.
  • Check your staff page, and make sure all staff is current.
  • Review your portfolio often, and only add the latest and greatest projects.

3. Measure your results – There’s no point in starting a new marketing effort if you aren’t tracking the results.

  • If you’re aren’t tracking website traffic through Google Analytics, or other tracking software– start now.
  • Check your Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter for the most popular posts and content to mold future posts.

Start following these three points and help make yourself more relevant online!