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What Is PPC Retargeting and Why Should You Use It?

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Although organic web traffic is incredibly valuable, you may not always have months to spend on an SEO strategy. Since 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine — and pay per click marketing ads are displayed prominently in search results — it makes sense that you might want to explore these kinds of digital ads to increase your traffic and conversions.

Working with a PPC management company can take the guessing out of the placement of digital ads. But in addition to running your ad campaigns and ensuring your digital ads are displayed to new audiences, you may also want to think about getting your PPC marketing in front of the same users for a second time. If done correctly, this strategy can help increase your brand perception and awareness while transforming a prospect into a customer. Let’s take a closer look at what’s known as PPC retargeting and why it might play an important role in your marketing strategy.

What Is PPC Retargeting?

PPC retargeting, which is sometimes referred to as PPC remarketing, essentially refers to the act of displaying ads to specific visitors who have already visited certain pages of your site. They basically refer to a follow-up to your initial foray onto a brand’s website. It’s a reminder that could further entice a user to come back and make a purchase. This can help bridge the gap between stages of the buyer’s journey and ensure that your prospective customer doesn’t get “lost,” so to speak.

Technically, retargeting is just one example of remarketing; retargeting specifically refers to ads, while remarketing is a concept that can be used with other forms of outreach (like email). A good example of remarketing might be an email that’s automatically sent to you after you’ve abandoned your cart. If it contains a discount code or warns the recipient that the item is almost sold out, that could convince them to come back and make a purchase. With retargeted ads, you can essentially track a user’s movements online and automatically display another ad for your business on a different site that reminds them to visit you again and finish what they started.

Why Should You Consider Retargeting Your Digital Ads?

Not every lead is ready to buy the first time they make their way to your site. While some may visit and discover that you can’t provide what they’re looking for, others will decide to wait until they have a more urgent need, they can get a lower price, or they’re further along in their journey. By retargeting your PPC ads, you may be able to nudge them along. In so doing, you could increase your conversion rate in a way that’s highly cost-efficient.

It’s also worth noting that retargeting allows you to further segment your ad audience in a more flexible way. This can help you better align your ads with a user’s interests and increase your chances of convincing them to buy. What’s more, retargeted ads can often come with greater visibility and can increase your chances of having your digital ads seen across different websites. In the end, this really helps you get more for your money.

If you’re taking a closer look at your PPC ad campaigns in 2021 and you’re worried that your strategy isn’t bridging the gap, it may be time to look at ad retargeting. For more on our PPC management services, please contact us today.