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Why Are My PPC Ads Being Rejected?

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Pay per click marketing can be a great way for many businesses to get noticed online. But if you don’t manage your PPC ads correctly, you could risk spending more than necessary — or even having your Google Ads account suspended. PPC marketing campaigns need to follow certain rules to even be approved. And if your ads aren’t approved, you’re going to have a hard time getting the word out about your products or services. Since Google receives over 63,000 searches per second each day, that will cause you to miss out on major opportunities.

If you aren’t currently working with a PPC management company and have instead chosen to handle your pay per click management yourself, you might be prone to making a number of mistakes. Ad disapproval is just one risk you take when you fail to manage your PPC ads correctly. If an ad is disapproved (or rejected, in other words), that ad won’t be shown at all. When this happens too many times, Google maintains the right to suspend your account entirely, which means you’ll have a very difficult time running any ads in the future.

Whether this scenario has happened to you in the past or you simply want to avoid it at all costs, here are a few reasons that your Google PPC ads could be rejected.

You’re Including Inappropriate or Restricted Content

Google has a fairly long list of content that they consider to be either inappropriate or outright prohibited. There’s a pretty wide range of content that falls under this umbrella, as it can range from trademark and copyright infringement to content that features alcohol, drugs, gambling, counterfeit or dangerous products, or anything that’s sexual in nature. In addition, Google doesn’t allow ads that “enable dishonest behavior” or that involve medicine or healthcare, financial services, political content, or anything that would go against legal requirements in areas where the ad is being run. Before creating any ads, you should make sure that you’re even allowed to advertise your products or services on this platform and that any verbiage you use won’t be subject to any type of trademark infringement.

You’re Trying to Claim You’re the Best

There are exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking, you can’t make any wild claims about being number one or the very best in your industry. If that claim comes down to personal opinion, it probably won’t be allowed to be part of your ad because it could mislead customers. However, if a third party can support the claim, you may be able to include it. For example, if you were voted as the best fine dining restaurant in your city by a reputable source last year and that fact is easy to verify, you could theoretically use that in your ads. Ultimately, any claims you make need to be factual and verifiable. When you manage your PPC ads, make sure to check for your own bias.

You’re Making Stylistic Mistakes

Keep in mind that PPC ads can also be rejected if you make certain stylistic mistakes in your copy. For instance, you can use only one exclamation point per ad. Being too excitable when creating your ad copy won’t do you any favors. You’ll also need to be careful about capitalization. Really, the only time you can write in all caps is when writing out promotional codes; otherwise, your ad will probably be rejected. PPC ads will also be disapproved when the copy is too long, so make sure to keep it concise. Even the choice to include your business’s phone number as part of your ad text or using “click here” as a call-to-action can result in rejection. Be sure you’re adhering to Google’s guidelines for style and other text requirements to avoid that scenario.

Avoiding these common pitfalls can decrease the likelihood of ad disapproval. But if you want to ensure your ads are approved and translate to marketing success for your business, it makes sense to work with a PPC management company. While they manage your PPC ads on your behalf, you can concentrate on other essential areas of your operations. For more information on how we can help, please contact Studio98 today.