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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Responsive Web Design

Have you ever tried to open websites on your phone? While most sites are optimized for mobile use, some are entirely unresponsive.
These sites are not mobile-friendly; you need to zoom in to read even a tiny part of the website. This strategy will lead to a loss for companies as mobile use has increased dramatically in the last few decades.

Studies state that there are 6.648 billion smartphone users in the world as of 2022! Mobile phone web traffic accounted for almost 55% of web traffic in 2021. The number is estimated to increase by the end of 2022. These numbers are a wake-up call for companies to use mobile responsive web designs to create their websites and eCommerce stores.

Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Mobile Responsive Website


Most companies understand the importance of mobile-friendly websites. However, creating a separate website specifically for mobiles is relatively expensive. To be more cost-effective, you can create a single mobile-friendly website that can be viewed easily on any screen. In addition, any changes to a desktop design are automatically reflected in the mobile version.

User Friendly

User responsiveness is one of the critical parameters for making your website successful. Mobile web designs need to be minimalistic but provide all information. Since mobile screens are small, you need to ensure that the user is not inundated with unnecessary fonts and colors to distract from the core information.

Social Media Dominance

If you are using social media platforms to promote your company and products, you need to ensure that your website is responsive on mobile devices. Most social platforms allow direct links to websites. Since most social media users utilize mobile devices, it makes sense to create mobile-friendly websites.

Advocates SEO

Google loves mobile-friendly websites. It is one of the key metrics that come up during SEO. Since 94% of organic traffic comes from Google, you must ensure that your website follows Google’s basic metrics.

Increase in Leads

The mobile responsiveness of a website impacts the number of repeat visitors. Most visitors will return to your site only if it is user-friendly and simple. Creating a positive user experience is essential to attracting leads and converting them to customers. A responsive website will attract more traffic and increase the chances of generating higher leads.

Reduced Bounce Rates

A high bounce rate on your website indicates something is wrong. Bounce rates also impact how Google ranks your website in SERP. Web design plays a massive role in bounce rates. Even if your content is good, if the website is not user-friendly or is unattractive, users would prefer to leave your website. Mobile sizes require that your website has a simplistic look and is highly responsive to users' needs. This can help reduce bounce rates and keep visitors on the website for longer.


A mobile responsive website can be the last barrier between you and potential customers. Since the use of mobiles and wireless technology has increased tremendously in the last decade, it makes sense to utilize this avenue to boost your business. There are many done-for-you responsive website templates available in the market. However, you must engage in professional website development services to stand out from your competitors and peers. The expert team at Studio98 can help build you a simple, responsive site that is user-friendly as well as attractive. Not only does the team help build the site, but it also monitors the website performance to aid in potential improvements. Contact us to know more about how you can potentially increase traffic to your website.