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How to Create a Website That Will Attract Customers

In today’s business climate, having a great idea or unified company culture is only the first step to achieving success. With 81% of consumers conducting their own online research before making purchasing decisions, you can’t afford to have a well-designed and easy-to-use website.

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Design a Website That Users Enjoy Spending Time On

When it comes to websites, users are drawn in by the design, kept interested by the content, and converted into customers by the user experience. Because of this, you need to consider more than just the design and content while creating a website. User Experience, or UX, is the area of web design that considers how users feel when interacting with your website. A big part of effective UX design is ensuring page elements are placed where visitors already want to go, rather than forcing users to search for the logical next button to select as they navigate your page.

Make Your First Page Count

In newspaper terms, we use “above the fold” and “below the fold” to refer to what readers can see when the newspaper is face up and folded, and what they can only access once they unfold the paper. Obviously, the advertising and headline space above the fold is the most valuable real estate on a newspaper. The same is true of web pages, with “the fold” referring to the users’ scrolling action.

For example: are you finding that you don’t get the engagement you expect on your Call To Action (CTA)? Consider placing it in a more central location! Is your CTA placed “above the fold” (or above the scroll!), or do visitors to your site need to scroll to find it? Ensuring that the most important elements of your site are easily accessible from the very beginning will help potential customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Optimize Both Your Desktop and Mobile Sites

While desktop web browsing was the most common way to access the internet only a few years ago, today nearly 55% of web traffic comes from mobile users. So when you’re looking at optimizing your site and prioritizing objects “above the fold”, you need to think about both your desktop and mobile audiences. What appears on the opening screen of a desktop site, for instance, may not appear on the opening screen of a mobile site. Optimizing your websites to ensure a smooth and consistent user experience no matter what device the visitor is browsing on will build trust with your customers and improve both conversion and retention rates.

Refine Your Language

While it’s sometimes tempting to explain your business or product using huge blocks of text, the true test of great product writing comes from brevity. Can you whittle your core message down to two or three key sentences? How about creating a video that visitors can watch and listen to rather than read? Just as we all have a little moment of despair when we open a new email and see that there are paragraphs upon paragraphs of text, users have the same moment when they open a web page and are immediately confronted with a wall of words. Clarifying your message and making it short and digestible will help visitors engage and connect with your business as quickly as possible.

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