6 Benefits of PPC Every Business Owner Should Know About

PPC is a powerful tool.

If deployed correctly, PPC can really boost your other marketing efforts. It’s quick to get started and highly targeted.

Surprisingly, research has found that customers are actually more likely to buy when arriving through a paid ad than organic traffic.

Still not convinced you’ll benefit from PPC advertising?

Keep reading for a closer look at six benefits of PPC every business owner should know.

1. Measure and Track Your Results

One of the biggest benefits of PPC is the ability to easily and accurately track your progress.

Google AdWords gives you a robust toolset for measuring progress which can be used alongside Google Analytics for a clear view of how your ads are doing.

While just about every other marketing channel attribution can be murky, PPC makes your customer’s journey clear and measurable.

2. Highly Targeted

With many marketing methods, a good deal of time and effort is required to effectively target and reach customers. Not so with PPC.

The powerful nature of PPC allows you to quickly and effectively target the right people in the right places. Google AdWords allows you to target potential customers based on everything from location to highly specific keywords.

3. Get Moving Quickly

Marketing tends to take time. It needs planning and strategy.

While PPC is not a magic bullet, it does allow you to begin advertising and driving traffic very quickly as opposed to other marketing methods. If you’re a new business or just getting started with digital marketing, PPC can help you scale quickly.

4. Total Control

Another big benefit of PPC is the degree of control it gives you.

Don’t have a big budget? Just want to test some ideas?

From keywords to budget, PPC allows you to control every aspect of your campaign. If something is working, you can quickly scale. And if not, you can easily change tactics.

5. One of the Key Benefits of PPC–Simple Integration With Other Marketing Channels

If you’re already implementing other digital marketing strategies like content marketing or are working on SEO, PPC integrates easily and can help improve those channels as well.

PPC can help you promote your content and work alongside your SEO efforts to drive more traffic.

Another powerful function of PPC is the ability to run retargeting ads to visitors who’ve left your site.

6. Test Everything

Perhaps one of the most powerful benefits of PPC is the ability to test just about everything.

With PPC, you can quickly test headlines and copy before implementing them on your website or elsewhere. Low costs and the ability to accurately track your efforts make PPC a great place to test your ideas before implementing.

Putting It All Together

As simple and powerful as PPC can be, you’ll get the biggest benefits of PPC when you integrate your ads with other marketing channels. Use PPC as a tool to test copy and headlines and drive traffic to existing content.

Ready to tap into the power of PPC? We can help you get started.