The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Generating Business Leads

We business owners often hear about the power of lead generation but many of us don’t really understand what it is. Nor do we have any action plan in place to take advantage of it.

But we should be. Lead generation is when a company stimulates and captures interest in their product or service for the purpose of creating a sales pipeline. It’s nothing new.

How a company uses lead generation has changed thanks to technology. With that in mind, keep reading to learn more about how to generate business leads.

Why Business Leads Are Important

When done correctly, lead generation is a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller. When done incorrectly, the seller ends up feeling irritated and put off entirely.

Think of telemarketing calls. That’s lead marketing but done in a way that leaves you feeling violated and angry because the company called you at an inconvenient time.

Also, in cases like this, it’s rare you the seller ever requested any information and it’s more of a cold-calling situation.

When it works, a buyer requests information regarding a product or service. The seller then has an opportunity to pitch their product or services to someone who has actually given them permission to contact them.

How To Define Lead Generation

If you want to know how to define lead generation, let’s take a look at what it enables your business to accomplish.

Lead generation helps your business determine how to price products and services based on a per lead basis. Based on the information the customer filled out, you can choose which product or service you want to offer your prospects.

Based on where your leads are coming from, your business might find a specific geographic location is expressing more interest than another region. That information then leads you to focus on marketing and sales for that area.

You can even control the number of leads you want to receive each month. That helps you determine your budget.

Best of all, you’re only paying for leads you receive.

How To Qualify A Lead

What is a lead when reffering to marketing? That’s when a sales lead is generated through collecting information.

Businesses can collect information in a variety of ways. Someone can complete a job application for your company. This information is then used as a lead for your company’s recruiting team to help you find the best talent out there.

You can ask customers to fill out contact information in return for something like a coupon. In this case, the only information most people will provide is their name, phone number, or e-mail address. However, it’s enough to at least show the customer has a slight interest in your company.

Your website can ask someone to fill out a form in order to receive educational content like a podcast or an e-book. Someone who fills this form out isn’t stating they have an interest in your product or service directly, but it’s a way to begin the sales lead process.

Why You Should Consider Investing In Lead Generation

If you need help with generating business leads, we’re here to help you. Acquiring warm business leads this way is very cost-effective.

To learn about pricing and how it works, schedule a call with us.