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What Makes a Great Logo?

1. Your logo should be simple. Less is more.

Nobody wants an ugly logo, and there are certainly rules to having a fundamentally solid logo. Just know that bells, whistles, sparkle, and shine, all missed the cut when the “must include” list was formed. A great logo is all about simplicity, not necessarily flashiness.

2. Your logo should communicate a simple message.

Trying to tell your history, values, mission, vision, AND unique story all within one visual symbol is usually very confusing and not very effective. Simple messages are easier to understand, and therefore, they’re the best kind of message to communicate to a large audience via your logo.

3. Your logo needs a strong supporting cast.

While having the “perfect” logo can be a very important thing, ensure that you pay enough attention to everything else that also helps to communicate your message. Your brand needs a cohesive visual identity, not just a logo.


When your letterhead, newsletters, ads, emails and any other piece of communication you have all follow the same consistent look and branding as your logo, your message is strengthened and the results can be quite impressive.

4. YOU tell the story, your logo is simply a reminder.

The slickest logo in the world can’t do a thing for you if you don’t also give people a positive memorable experience. Regardless of the industry you’re in, people will remember their experience with your organization. They might have seen an ad, been to your website, or visited you in person. Whatever their experience, the logo will remind them of it.


Bottom line, while the logo is going to represent your company, don’t expect your logo to do all the dirty work for you. You need to have excellent service and a great product and your logo can then become a physical representation of that excellence that people will come to recognize and respond to.


All of these factors play a part in making a great logo and, factually, in beginning the planning for a great marketing campaign.