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Top 5 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Custom Made Website

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Below are five common mistakes you could be making with your custom made website.

1. Your Content Highly Outweighs Design

Everyone knows quality content is a huge part of running a successful website. Although putting your full focus on content while forgetting design can kill your numbers. A great design is what can draw someone in long enough to read your content.

When deciding on a custom site design, turn to inspiration around you. This can include anything from interior design trends to your favorite coffee shop. Take the different aspects, colors, and line work to put on your own site. 

2. You Put No Focus on Content

Maybe you’re experiencing the opposite problem from the first point. Have you put so much emphasis on design that you put zero energy into your content?

The design draws the eye in, but content keeps the viewer coming back for more. Quality content sparks interest and encourages conversation. To spice up your content, learn more about photography, video editing, or conducting interviews for articles. 

3. There’s No Consistency or Cohesion

Don’t worry, you may be at this point of the list and sweating. Custom made websites are still dominating the game. However, make sure your stellar website is complete with cohesion and consistency. 

While it can be good to cover a variety of topics, there’s a way to do it without seeming unsure and scatter-brained. Decide on a few common thread themes to place throughout your blog and stick to them. 

As far as posting, make sure to upload content on a regular schedule. If you don’t, people might stop checking in. 

4. You’re Not Allowing Feedback

One of the scariest parts about creating something is the inevitable criticism. However, criticism can be healthy for constant improvement. 

If you’re not allowing people to contact you or make comments, you could be making a huge mistake. Feedback not only allows you to correct mistakes, but it also creates a community in readers.

Reply to comments and create a blog email people can reach out if they feel the need. You can even start chatting with visitors by installing live chat features. 

5. You Aren’t Sharing Social Media

Believe it or not, people want to keep up with you outside of your blog posts. They want to keep up with your Instagram, Twitter, and whatever else.

Share your social media links to give behind-the-scenes looks into your life. People enjoy seeing the more vulnerable side of a person. 

Mistakes You’re Making with Your Custom Made Website 

These five common mistakes are things you’re probably making with your custom made website. Make sure you review them and then go fix them to start bumping up your numbers!

Constant improvement is what keeps us moving from better to best. Mistakes are just part of the journey. 

If you want more website tips or need marketing and design services, make sure to check out the rest of our site now.